Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick Revew



So I finally wanted to review the Kate Moss Liptick for Rimmel. Now I wish I had more shades but I also wish I was a millionaire.. can't have everything can we.

So for the time being, I have mine in the shade Rossetto.

Now I think this was one of the first round of shades that came out, which means I've probably had it too long, and that I need to repurchase [in bulk].

This was one of those lipsticks I forgot about, I went through this weird phase of not wearing too much makeup and it took a back burner, and if I'm honest I totally forgot about it and then when I picked it back up I realised how much I missed it.

I love the colour, for me personally its a perfect nude. It's quite nourishing on your lips and it applys pretty easily. 

I personally apply it to the centre of my lips and blend it outwards with my finger and it gives me a semi-matte finish. [I'll pop a video on Instagram showing you soon - hopefully x x ] 

In terms of lasting power, it's not the best and it's not the worst, it lasts for a good while but unless you put it on and freeze in time for the rest of the day, you will have to reapply. 

God you can see all the lines in my hands... anyway. As you can see from the swatch above its a pink toned nude. It's coming across more pink in the photo and has more of a brown tone to it. 

Overall the lipstick is right for me, I'd recommend you go into a boots or Superdrug or anywhere that sells Rimmel near you to swatch them and find the right shade. 

I personally love Rimmel, it was the first brand I bought from so I always tend to go back to it. Let me know if you have any Rimmel recommendations [or any brand actually I'm on the look out]

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I hope you are all well. 

Miss Jamie-Leigh

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