And welcome to MY 50TH POST!!!! 

So I did a little poll on twitter and got you lovely bunch involved in this post. I knew I wanted to review another of my Makeup Revolution products but I didn't know which one to do first so what better way that to - well ask what you wanted to see. 

And you 50% of you decided you wanted to see a review of - THE BRUSHES. 

I've decided to split this post into two posts otherwise it would be too long and you'd get bored.. and on that note - let's go!! 


I currently have the whole collection of the "pro" brushes but in this post I'll be focusing on the face brushes. So F101 to F105. 

All the pro brushes are under £4!! And all made with synthetic fibers. 

When I first got these brushes they came in a set for £20 [including all of the eye brushes too] however the set is no longer on the website and I think it's because they have brought out a new collection of brushes that I'm dying to buy [Ultra Metals collection]!! 

So here's the brushes in chronological order: 

Pro F101 foundation brush:

I'm not a massive user of foundation brushes because I opt for a sponge in most cases, but it definitely helps pack the product on where I need more coverage before I blend it out. The fibers are dense and well packed, the synthetic bristles mean it doesn't soak up too much of the product and the flatness of the top of the brush makes it good for applying a thin line of cream or liquid contour before blending out. 

Compared to the other two foundation brushes I have [Avon and QVS] I definitely prefer this one it's slightly pointed making it easier to be more precised that my other two that are more rounded.

Pro F102 concealer brush: 

This is basically a extremely miniature version of the foundation brush, whilst it's use is supposed to be concealer I personally use this as a large eye shadow brush because again I use a sponge for concealer too, it packs the product on well and works well as a eye shadow brush. 

Pro F103 stippling brush: 

This reminds me of a smaller version of the MAC 187 which I used to own. However as I use a sponge for blending I use this for cream blush instead, it's small enough to apply the product and being a duo fiber brush it blends the product naturally rather than having a harsh line. I pat the brush into the product lightly and then apply it to the apples of my cheeks and blend out and upwards, with the brush giving a natural finish. 

Pro F104 powder brush: 

If you're looking for a large powder brush that is dense, soft and worth every penny then look no further. For me this is the perfect powder brush, because I pat my powder in the skin [to stop my foundation from moving] I needed something that didn't feel rough when I patted it into my skin and this feels super soft. 

Pro F105 contour brush: 

This is my least used brush, not because it's not good but because I use the Real Techniques setting brush for my contour. It's soft alike the others but for me personally, it packs the product on too heavy and I think it's because of the synthetic bristles but also because the bristles aren't dense. I personally think the bristles on this brush are too long and could be shorter, but I didn't design the brush, and its just my personal opinion. 

Overall I love these brushes, they do the job properly and that of a higher quality brush and my brushes haven't really shed either so I definitely recommend trying them, especially at the price! Less than £20 for 5 brushes [£16.95 to be precise] which I definitely can't complain about and would happily buy again [just for the backups].

You can buy the MUR Brushes here:

Have you got any of these brushes? What do you think of them? Would you buy them? Let me know in the comments, it's always great to hear your thoughts. 

I hope you enjoyed this review: The eye brushes will be up on Thursday! So keep an eye [no pun intended] out for them! 

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I hope you are all well. 

[I am in no way affiliated with Makeup revolution and this post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own]

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