I miss you

I wish we had more time

I wish things were different

I wish I didn't break our promise.

I still have the lion you won for me at the fair when I was 10

I still have the Harry Potter video you bought for me for Christmas

I cherish the few memories I have left

I still talk to you when I feel alone

I still visit your grave and update you on my life

I look out for your daughter

I would die for your daughter

She looks like you

She acts like you

You'd be proud and we tell her that, even when she struggles because you were taken too early and she has no memories of her own.

My heart still breaks when I think of you not being here

I always wonder "what if?"

What if you weren't in the house that night?

What if you were still here?

What if you made it out in time?

Would things be different?

Would the fire have still happened?

Would you still be here?

13 years is a long time, it's longer than I had with you.

I miss you.

RIP Jean-Marie [1975 - 2013]. A true inspiration to me, and I hope I can replicate everything you gave to me, every piece of advice, every loving word, every ounce of support, with your daughter.



Just a quick sentence. It's been 13 years today since my auntie died in a house fire and I wanted to write something that came from the heart. I understand it's not the same as what I normally post and I hope you will understand.

I hope you are all well.

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