Finally I've bought something!! So I'm going to do a first impressions post of the Avon Clearskin Blackhead Clearing:

Daily Cleanser:
Deep Treatment mask:

So the first thing I see is the packaging, it's clear and simple, nothing too complicated.

Now I used these products near enough straight away so lets talk about the cleanser first:

Surprisingly it has exfoliating/massaging beads in which I wasn't expecting, but they are soft and gentle so when I get the actual exfoliator I'll let you know the difference.

Looking at the ingredients it is a water based cleanser, it also has salicylic acid 2.0% thrown in there too, which I was definitely surprised about, so I'll see if it has any lasting or positive effect on my skin.

It's important to note that I didn't notice any major differences from the first use, but I wasn't expecting that anyway with it being a daily cleanser, but throughout the day I have noticed that some of the redness in my skin has gone down, whether that's because of this or not is yet to be seen

Now lets move on the the Deep treatment mask.

This also has Salicylic Acid 0.5% in and is also water based. Now I saw an immediate difference after using this for the first time. My skin just looked healthier, earlier in the day [after cleansing] I thought my skin looked dry and patchy, after using this I noticed a considerable improvement to the look and feel of my skin. It's not a miracle, I still have blemishes and redness in places but for the most part my skin looks and feels hydrated [for once] and running my hands over my face, I can feel the difference in texture from before to after.

A few hours later and my blemishes have gone down and overall my skin is looking clearer.

How often will I be using these products:

The cleanser will obviously be used daily and I'll play around with using it in the morning or at night time and see which one [if any] work best.

The deep treatment mask says it can be used 2-3 a week, and because my skin is sensitive I'll keep this at twice a week for now and in the future possibly increase, because it really does make my skin feel nice [for now... ]

Both of these products claimed to be scented however, I can't really smell anything and my sensitive skin hasn't reacted to it like I have done to others in the past, but it is quite low on the ingredients list.

Would you recommend from first impression?

For the price of these, I would recommend the mask at £2.50 [yes £2.50] I personally think the cleanser [at £2] is something you can find anywhere for a similar price, although I'm still yet to see it's long term effects.

I'm going to be placing another order with Avon, as I'm pretty new to skincare I want to start out with basic budget items and work my way up [plus I'm poor at the moment] so I'll keep doing first impressions posts if you want to see them.

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I hope you are all well. 

Miss Jamie-Leigh

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