Its been a while since my last wishlist post so I thought I'd go ahead, switch it up a little bit and do another. This time, judging by the title, is an Asos wishlist. These will be 5 of the things I'm lusting after this spring and everything will be under £50. 

Now this isn't so I can go "look at what you can buy me" no, unless you're my mother then HI!! This is a look at the things I want, get a taste for my style preferences, do you want the same or similar? And let's talk about it. #NotAGoldDigger 

Now let's move on from the disclaimer and get into the actual post. 

Oh and if you want to see more. I have a wishlist pin on pinterest  for the things that don't [well and do] make it onto the blog x 

1. Weekday heart pull over shirt: £45

What do I love about this: I love the length, being a tall girl with a shorter torso longer shirts normally "feel like" they fit better, my legs are pretty long so it's nice to find a blouse/shirt that breaks them up evenly and gives the illusion that I'm equal in both parts. I also love the cut of the neckline, and the base of the shirt. And who doesn't love a good staple shirt? 

I would pair this with: skinny jeans and a good pair of flats [let me know if you want a shoe wishlist?] and maybe even a blazer for formal events or slipping on a nice pair of heels [court shoes or ankle boots I can see in my head] 

You can find the shirt on the Asos Website here: Weekday Heart Pullover shirt

2. Asos Shirt dress with contrast tie: £38 

What do I love about this: If you know me and you've seen me in a dress, then you'll have seen me only in either, skater, shirt of shift dresses, with the exception of that maxi dress I wore in Spain last year [2015]. I like the cut of this dress, the way it goes in at the middle enhancing the waist before it flows back out [obviously the model has been spinning]. I also love the long sleeve on this. The only thing I don't like is the tie detail, and if I could get rid of it I would and I'd replace it with some jewelry with some gold tones. or possibly some silver, I'm undecided on that because the tone of the dress looks blue toned but in real life it might be different. The simplicity of this dress  allows it to speak for itself, so a simple heel would go well with this I think. 

I would pair this with: A simple heel, probably open toe, traditional black to set off the tie embellishment [unless I could take it off but let's pretend we can't] and I'm seeing a nice small plain clutch bag in a different possibly contrasting colour to give the ensemble that pop! 

You can find this dress on the Asos website here: Shirt Dress with Contrast Tie

3.  Oversized Zip Front Hoodie £28

What do I love about this: Well everyone needs something that is comfortable, can be worn anywhere, especially lounging around the house, and that is what I love for these hoodies, especially when they're over-sized. I'm currently wearing a not too dissimilar one I bought from the men's section in Asda, although mine is black and I can imagine the  Asos one fitting better. I love lounging clothes because as an unemployed blogger, I spend a lot of my time inside, so one more couldn't hurt could it?

I would pair this with: the exercise leggings I have on right this very second, and a blanket over my knee. However I think the picture above has it spot on and I would pair it with exactly the same although my jeans would be black. 

You find this on the Asos Website here: Over-sized Zip Front Hoodie

2. Neon Rose Cigarette Trouser £35

Lets talk about some issues first. The models toes look like they're ready to jump.. she needs a bigger size. But in contrast to that, these are the style of shoes I was thinking of for the dress up at number 4. And secondly, up at the zipper looks like a minor detail issue, whether it's because her hands are in her pocket or they've photo-shopped it badly or again, that she's wearing the wrong size [I'd put money on it] I don't know. Anyway, let's stop being a bitch, the model is beautiful [her face is on the site too.] she's just doing her job and along I come. 

What do I love about this: I love the style of trouser, it's a very traditional shape, and amazingly [CALL THE PRESS] I like that they're NOT BLACK [you should faint now]. I love black, grey and white, that's no lie, and whilst this isn't a massive jump into the pool of colour, I like the shade. it would break up all of the black in my wardrobe. 

I would pair this with: I like the shoes on the model [although I'd be wearing the correct size] and I think it would go well with a ruffled shirt [not ye olde ruffled shirt, but the one Victoria from InTheFrow wears.. you know what I mean] I actually think ITF would suit these pants better than me. 

You can find these on the ASOS site here: Neon Rose Cigarette Trouser

1. New Look Billie Maxi Skirt £19.99

What do I love about this: Now I'm not a massive skirt wearer, I am a pants/jeans/ in the summer time shorts wearer, but I actually stumbled across this on the site, I love the length, I love the split up the sides, I love the simplicity of it and if there's something I love more than my own mother it's simplicity [I'm joking, I love my mother more than the world... mum buy this for me x ] and being a tall girl [I'm 5"8] I do love something that hits the floor. 

I would pair this with: A good white or black vest tucked into the waistline [I am not showing my stomach off to the world... no one needs to see that] with some gold jewelry, and I'm going to have to say a sandal because I think if I wore a heel it would become that "awkward length" and I'd try to make sure it was warm outside, because I can't really see a jacket with this look.. although you could go punk-esque and throw on some leather.. and who doesn't love a bit of leather. 

You can find this on the ASOS website here: New Look Billie Maxi Skirt

And we're done!! I'd like to add that I'm in no way affiliated with ASOS [or Newlook on Asos or at all?] I just like the ASOS site and saw an opportunity for me to talk about something different over here on my little blog. [I'm in no way adding fashion blogger to my title....] 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I actually enjoyed writing it and adding my little thoughts into it. 

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I hope you are all well. 

Miss Jamie-Leigh

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