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So as usual I did a bit of online window shopping, and decided to share with you, some of the things that I'm lusting after. 

So the first site I went on to is the ever so trusty [For anyone not from the UK, Boots is a drugstore that sells low to high end makeup - MUA to Chanel]. And here's what I found. 

Disclaimer: It's sad that whenever you mention a product you have to do this BUT: I am not affiliated with any of the stores, brands or products mentioned in this post. I am not receiving sponsorship to write this post or mention selected products. No affiliate links are used. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. £3.99 - I have used this before and unfortunately when I last went to get a powder it was out of stock - yes, out of stock. To my poor terror I had to pick up another one of Rimmels pressed powders [ Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder - I'd say for normal to oily skin] which sufficed and did the job properly however, I have sentimental attachment to this one [it being the first powder I ever bought] and would like it back in my collection. And it's reasonably priced too. 

Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighting Pen £25.00 - The price isn't for the faint of heart, however, this has been raved about since what seems like the beginning of time [use the comment section if you have it!] and I've always wanted to try it and well - I never have. I think that now I'm nearly 25 and need a little extra help with my poor eye bags, it might be time for me to splurge and give this a try. 

I took a look at Cult beauty - a site I'm becoming ever more addicted to [looking not spending] and found a few things I'd like to give a try. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brow wiz. £15.50 - If this brow pencil/stick/wiz? Lives up to all expectation then the price might be worth it, another raved about product and people seem to be buying it in it's bucket load [Three times I've seen certain shades sold out!!]. My brows aren't too bad at the moment [going for the thick yet maintained look] but could this give me more definition. I might give it a go. 

Emma Hardie Amazing face cleanser £55.00 - Caroline Hirons mentioned her love for this product, and because CH is my spirit animal I feel like I would love it too. I'd prefer to spend more money on my face and skincare rather than makeup, so whilst £55 is not for the person on a budget, I might save my pennies and see what this has to offer my poor, tired and not-very-well looked after face. 

Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette £36.00 - In the name of science [ and all things beauty] I'd be willing to sacrifice £36 for a palette that would become my daily essential, and because of the tones of these colours and I having blue eyes, I think that this would become a staple in my collection. I have nothing like this at the moment, and the nude ones been raved about so this can't be too much different in terms of quality - and I just like eye shadows, they're my Kryptonite of the makeup world! What I'm trying to say, is they're pretty, I like the look of them and therefore I want them. £36 or not.

I decided to keep this post short but there is definitely more that is on my "Beauty Wishlist" so if you liked this and want me to do another one - or maybe turn it into a series. Then let me know in the comments or on Twitter, it would be nice to hear your thoughts. 

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I hope you are all well. 

Miss Jamie-Leigh

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